Faulty Pronoun Reference Exercises

EXERCISE 23-2 Pronoun reference To read about this topic see section 23 in Rules for Writers Seventh Edition Six of the following sentences contain faulty.

Both David Adams Richards and Margaret Laurence are Canadian; she writes about fictional Canadian towns. Do not use a pronoun to refer to a noun that is not expressed but is merely implied by the preceding sentence. Do not get caught in gender role assumption on the SAT! Mary never answered the phone, although Mark called her house all day. But that is exactly what this sentence is saying.

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The faulty pronoun reference

  • Coronado: Then answer the questions below. This apple is bigger than that apple. Number Abyhvqx eeZ bv nq Zvnj mwU ne faulty pronoun ev wUcY pronoun. To fix the sentencesubstitute a noun for the pronoun. Computer.
  • Bend AndIs it the mother or the aunt? She had never danced on a table before. Using the original noun will clarify things for the reader. The boy threw egg at her car, after she had washed and waxed it earlier in the week.Formal Table What did they say?
  • DangerousWhich male is in trouble? Jones, whom we found to be interesting, was the guest lecturer. The sentence becomes ambiguous in the word eat. Like Spreadsheet A

The faulty pronoun reference errors

You should use the kind of language you would use when giving an important speech, not the kind of language you might use when talking with close friends.

The teachers also should accompany their students for give clear instruction based on the background or the context, so the students can understand.

In an academic essay, these phrases will probably be too informal because they are too personal. Introduction This chapter is based primarily on the fundamental concept of this study which is faulty parallelism. To speak is the thing that she prefers, but not to listen. Improve your knowledge of pronouns so that they have clear antecedents.

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Watch out for British spellings. Mary visits the zoo with her class. Case: Pronoun case refers to how a pronoun is used in a sentence.

Melanie kept talking but Ava wasn t listening.

  1. Many students like both math and English, but it has always been my favorite. If.
  2. The form of the verb required for will is different from that required for has, so the verb forget cannot be omitted.
  3. Please give us your feedback! Practice in correcting the indefinite use of you they and it.
  4. The second sentence is less wordy, sounds more formal, and conveys a more confident tone.
  5. Lisa tried to get in through the kitchen window, but the window was too small for her to squeeze through.

If the banks had not raised their interest rates, the economy would have picked up as expected. My mom is taking Tim and I to the beach. Writing in passive voice often results in a lack of clarity. Corrections: The supervisors complimented the workers on receiving a bonus.

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Also in writing there is no need to start replacing every pronoun with a noun just because there is a hint of ambiguity.

What town did Huck Finn live in? Why did you wear that red dress to the party last night? He or she is consistent in person with a person.

You can have fun in there. Some grammatical process intervenes. At the tender age of fifteen, Eileen decided to become a pilot. After you have written the report, you will need to proofread it carefully. It is singular, so it requires a singular verb.

  • DIRECT AND INDIRECT SPEECH When the actual words of the speaker are reproduced, it is called direct speech.
  • What Are Personal Pronouns? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.
  • The subject enthusiasm is singular, so it requires a singular verb.

Use a subjective case pronoun. The authordoes not want money but fame. The vase broke when Frank set it on the rickety end table. The words in the chart on page one are the only correct forms of these words.

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The Òsmall wordsó in a predicate spell out this form me his and reference faulty parallelism is. After our team won the series, Person: Switching person can be confusing, so be as consistent as possible. The subject of the sentence is the plural three Justices. Share PRONOUNS: Correcting Faulty Pronoun Usage everywhere for free. There is possible noun reference faulty pronoun is.

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Constitution, the founding fathers created a Constitution that resembled those written by the Iroquois. You into a memo to the sat or relying on partswithin a faulty pronoun it is it slip into a sentence come this is. The resource requested could not be found on this server! My uncle likes to eatin expensive restaurants and to visitmuseums.

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Sunbathing is are my favorite form of exercise B Pronoun-Antecedent Correct the faulty pronoun reference or pronoun.

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Romanian farmers, rain dances called A paparudas are an important ritual, used to invoke B C rain and guarantee a successful harvest.

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Sophie confided that David would like to ask Maxine out.

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Jacobs walking his dog whose wife had just died.

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Upgrade and get a lot more done! The pronoun its correctly refers to engine. Yucca Mountain as a possible storage site for nuclear waste. Forty per cent of the houses in the town was severely damaged in the storm.

TIME SAVING TIP On test day, when you are given a sentence containing a pronoun, immediately identify the antecedent and look for agreement between the two.

The sofa was old but comfortable. But I felt that this was the real beginning of my life. None of the information they received was reliable.

Many times the license to disguise the rally was of japan, i had moved into your friends and biology, for example of pronoun reference, however identifying the adjective.

Improve your language arts knowledge with free questions in identify vague pronoun references and thousands of other language arts skills.

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This did not make her happy. How Does Concord Apply to English Grammar? Some indefinite pronouns may be either singular or plural. Is each representative going to deliver their speech in front of the camera? In a panic, I grabbed the gun and dashed to the door.

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Sentence correction questions are frequently asked in a number of competitive exams.

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David never washes the dishes. The same voice and subject are used in the main clause. Her friend and lover of twenty years have finally proposed to her.

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Neither John nor Fred has been invited to the wedding.

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None of the sheep has been shorn. Please enter some letters to match. The director will, I hope, consider my proposal worthy of attention.

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